Our Mission

Helping people become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.


Bethel is a place to belong. As individuals we come from all walks of life. We are farmers, teachers, truck drivers, homemakers, administrators, nurses and retirees. Though our backgrounds vary, we are committed to following Jesus Christ. We don’t have all the answers to life’s problems, but we do know how to deal with the trials and hardships of life, and that is through a relationship with Jesus.

Bethel is a church where people matter to God. It is a church designed with you in mind. You and your family are important to us. Our desire is to serve God and our communities by sharing his love with everyone we come in contact with.

We want to help people develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and become a devoted follower of Him. We believe becoming like Jesus is a life long journey, and we are all in the process of leaning and growing.

Bethel is a special place where you can discover a living, loving God who wants to touch your life. Bethel is a place where you can experience a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ. It is a place where people really care about you.

We are informal and relaxed because we believe God is more interested in our hearts than what we wear. We are contemporary and believe that worship is a celebration and not a funeral. We sing, clap our hands, laugh and enjoy God. We pray and listen to practical messages from the Bible that help us learn about God and the life He wants us to live.

Bethel may just be the church you are looking for, and we invite you to come worship with us!